Doctoral Researcher
Ali Assadzadeh Heravi

Experimental characterization of the mechanical behavior of anisotropic and strain-hardening composites under dynamic loading

A4 Material behavior of anisotropic composites© Institute of Construction Materials

Multiple cracking of an isotropic SHCC specimen after tensile testing in a HOPKINSON bar

This part of the project deals with the development of test concepts and experimental techniques for adequately determining the stress-strain relationship of anisotropic, ductile and strain-hardening composites with mineral-based matrices under tensile, compressive and shear impact loads.

The experiments are accompanied by the characterization of defects on the microstructural level (crack propagation) by means of morphological investigations and model descriptions of the mechanical behavior of selected composites.


Heravi, A.A., Gong. T., Mechtcherine, V., 2019. Mechanical characterization of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) subject to dynamic tensile loading. Submitted to the 7th International Colloquium on performance, Protection & Strengthening of Structures Under Extreme Loading & Events – PROTECT 2019.

Heravi, A.A., Mechtcherine, V., 2019. Mechanical characterization of strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) under dynamic tensile load. Submitted to Framcos X. In Pijaudier-Cabot et al. (eds.) 10th International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures FraMCoS-X, 23-26 June, 2019, Bayonne, France.

03. – 05.02.2020
Third GRK2250/1 Workshop

Call for Applications

There are 11 open vacancies for doctoral researchers for the second cohort of the project - GRK 2250/2, which will start in May 2020. Interested and motivated candidates are welcome to apply before 13.12.2019. More detailed information can be found here.


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