Doctoral Researcher
Duy Minh Phuong Vo

Development and evaluation of standard fiber-based reinforcement components for mineral-based strengthening layers with high energy absorption and ductile failure behavior

A1 Textile reinforcement© Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology

From left to right: CAD design; Laboratory tests; Cellular mesh

The aim of this part of the research project is the formulation of the material-structure-property relations and the development of methods and models for the design of cellular reinforcing structures (steel, carbon, aramid, high-strength PE) for impact-resistant mineral-bound ductile reinforcing layers and their experimental testing.

By varying the textile parameters of cellular structures (distance tissue, 3D wire tissue) and among other things, the fiber fineness, the combined use of the mentioned fibers in the x-, y- and z-direction as well as the consolidation of the lattice points, the energy absorption capacity and also the failure behavior of the cellular structures should be evaluated. For an impact-oriented surface design, functional coatings should be applied to the textile reinforcement structures for the purposeful adjustment of the adhesion properties to the concrete matrix.

By means of the identification of the characteristic values and model approaches for the determination of the energy absorption and the ductile failure behavior of the 3D reinforcement structures for impact resistant reinforcement layers, a deep understanding for the elucidation of the mechanisms of the deformation behavior and the energy absorption capacity is worked out. The material properties adapted to the textile construction are derived and applied as a basis for the design of standard matrix formulas and strengthening layers.

Vo, D. M. P., Sennewald, C., Hoffmann, G., Cherif, Ch., 2018. Fiber-based 3D cellular reinforcing structures for mineral-bonded composites with enhanced structural impact tolerance. Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering 12(5):582-586.

03. – 05.02.2020
Third GRK2250/1 Workshop

Call for Applications

There are 11 open vacancies for doctoral researchers for the second cohort of the project - GRK 2250/2, which will start in May 2020. Interested and motivated candidates are welcome to apply before 13.12.2019. More detailed information can be found here.


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