Doctoral Researcher
Christoph Scope

Analysis and assessment of the sustainability and resilience of reinforcement methods with new composites

C2 Sustainability and resilience © Institute for Concrete Structures

Analysis model for assessing the resilience of reinforced concrete components

The analysis and assessment of the sustainability and resilience of new composites and reinforcing systems, in particular in the case of impact loading, require the development of a scientific concept which takes account of technical, financial, social and ecological influencing parameters and allows quantitative forecasts and scenarios.

Among other things, parameters such as long-term availability and life cycle assessment of the basic materials, temporal and economic costs for the implementation of strengthening methods or retrofitting of the reinforcement systems or the structure after impact action shall be included. The aim of the project is to develop an assessment concept based on the existing modeling approaches and in close collaboration with colleagues from the engineering disciplines, which already took into account the research and development phase through a sustainability and resilience assessment and results in a stronger and more sustainable composite material.

Vogel, M., E. Guenther, E., 2019 Sustainability assessment of maintenance based on concrete – a systematic review. In Proceedings of the IABSE Symposium – Towards a Resilient Built Environment Risk and Asset management. pp: 1600-1610. 27-29 March, 2019, Guimaraes, Portugal.


03. – 05.02.2020
Third GRK2250/1 Workshop

Call for Applications

There are 11 open vacancies for doctoral researchers for the second cohort of the project - GRK 2250/2, which will start in May 2020. Interested and motivated candidates are welcome to apply before 13.12.2019. More detailed information can be found here.


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